Requirement List

Our long commitment needs your whole-hearted support. We have a clear vision and mission, along with our priorities and expectation from the society at large. You can be an investor in social change and community development. As Mahtama Gandhi rightly said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, Keep supporting these children and see them bring about a change in this world.

A big thanks to those individuals/organizations. Their support has meant a lot to us whether it is one time donations or continuing support for our activities or providing volunteers for various activities.

Our  Current Urgent Requirement 

We require funds for these 

  • Drawing Teaching for Two years
    @Rs.40000 p/m x 20 (months) Rs. 8,00,000.00/-

  • Judo training for students:
    Trainer @Rs.15000 p/m x 20 (months) Rs. 3,00,000.00
    Judo mats Rs. 1,50,000.00

  • Sponsorship for child for a year Rs. 25,400.00. You can help

  • School Uniform (Summer+winter)
    Amount @800/- x 130 Rs. 1,04,000.00

Our  Basic Requirement 

  • Hostel materials like bedsheets, pillows, blankets, towels, shoes, toiletries
  • Food Ration for mess like flour, Rice, lintels, edible oil, salt, spices, sugar, washing powder, cleaning materials for utensils, toilets, storage bins, etc.
  • For Recreational  Working musical instruments

Infrastructure Improvement

The school needs improvements in its infrastructure to provide better facilities to children and also reduce its expenditure.

Your Expertise Required

  • Medical : If you are a doctor you can spare some time, we will be grateful if you could provide medical consultation as per time convenient to you
  • Vocational Training : If could spare some time to teach our children  any form of learning. You could teach them cooking, dancing, knitting, pottery, sports...