List of Teachers

We have qualified teachers. Our teachers make interactive and creative methods to teach the children.

Name of TeacherqualificationPost & Date of apponitment Class & subject taught
Santosh Sharma
M.A., B.Ed., 1 month Bridge course
from R.C.I.  
T.G.T. 1/4/1997
Satya Prakash Sharma (Visually Challenged)
 B.A., Diploma for Sec.
Teacher of the Visually
T.G.T. 1/4/1997   IV :Hindi, IV-VIII :S.S.T.
Gainda Lal Patel (Visually Challenged)
B.A., Sound knowledge of Braille, 1 month Bridge course from R.C.I.  1/8/1999   I-IV : English Braille , IV-Hindi
Umesh Chand Yadav
(Visually Challenged)
Diploma in Craft  2/9/1984 I-III : G.K., I-V : Cane, Craft
Ravinder Mishra
(Visually Challenged)
Senior Diploma in Vocal Tabla,
Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad  
1/7/2009 I-VIII :Music, Tabla Teacher
Hansraj Muthreja
(Visually Challenged)
High School  Sangeet Prabhakar Music  1/9/2001 Music Teacher  I-VIII
Jai Karan
(Visually Challenged)
B.A., Degree for Sec.  T.G.T. 1/4/1996   I-VIII : Maths
Satya Bhan Mishra
(Visually Challenged)
B.A. Asstt. Teacher 1/9/1999  V-VIII : Hindi, VI-VIII : Sanskrit
Seema Chaubey
B.A., Special Teacher  Asstt. Teacher 15/1/2004 III-VII : Science , III-Hindi
Ajanta Pokhrel
(Visually Challenged)
B.A., Certificate of Computer, DOEACE  Instructor 1/11/2003   V-VIII : English, Computer.
Uma Shankar Prasad
(Visually Challenged)
B.A., Computer course, DOEACE   Asstt. Computer Instructor, 12/8/2013 [ II-IV : Braille, Computer

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