• Lioness Club Delhi : Blood Camp for Girl

    Lioness Club Delhi -Garima organised a blood test camp in Vidyalaya on 13 sept 2019 for girls.

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  • Flag Hoisting 2019 : Video

    Flag Hoisting 2019 : Video

    The independence Day celebrated in the Vidyalaya. The members of Lions club were present in the occasion. Patriotic songs, play…

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  • Swings & Open Gym

    Swings & Open Gym

    Swings and Open gym was provided by IRCTC under Corportae Social Responsibilty. We are grateful to them. This is a…

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  • Open Gym at Our School

    Open Gym at Our School

    Hear the Joy in their voice

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  • Handicraft Class

    Handicraft Class

    We believe all children should become independent.

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  • Lunch Time

    Lunch Time

    Meal time in progress

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  • Models


    Models made by our children.

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  • Recreational : Music Class

    Recreational : Music Class

    Music is language of love and peace. We encorage all our children to learn music. V class leaning music by…

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  • Principal


    Mrs Kalpana Sharma is always available to assist our children.

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